One-on-One Bible Study
Here at MCC, one-on-one Bible study is a part of our DNA! We want to see followers of Jesus gathering one-on-one with others every week throughout the community to read and pray the Bible together. This may take place between a Christian and a non-Christian, a more mature Christian and a brand new Christian, or two mature Christians. We believe that doing this is integral to our mission of making disciples and living life in community and on mission. We encourage that this one-on-one study take place between members of the same sex and that it’s centered on a book of the Bible. This is a great way to introduce unbelievers to the gospel and grow in fellowship with other followers of Jesus. Start praying for that person, initiate the conversation and start now!

HERE for an 8 week sample study on Mark’s gospel (begins on page 14).

HERE for A Simple Guide for Doing One-on-One Bible Study.

HERE for a 7 Week Bible Study on the "I AM" sayings of Jesus in John's gospel.

HERE for The Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study.

HERE for Psalm 119 Bible Study.

HERE for a 6 week study on the Character of God.

HERE for an 8 week study on the Life of Jesus.