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Ephesians: The Gospel in Everyday Life

5.13.18 - Ephesians 6:21-24

he majority of our time today will be spent reviewing Paul's letter to the Ephesians. This bird's-eye view approach will help us to see Paul's dual purpose in writing his letter. Toward the end of our time together, we will carefully unpack Ephesians 6:21-24. These final few verses serve to remind us of the importance of God's church functioning as a relational community, with the lives of God's people intimately interwoven. This is germane for healthy Gospel growth in the local church! Furthermore, we will see that one of the marks of a healthy church is a commitment to pray for one another. I pray that the Lord has used and will continue to use our time in studying Ephesians to move God's people at MCC to more deeply commit to following Christ, loving and serving His church, and pursuing God's great commission task of making disciples!

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9.9.18 The Gift of God's Word!.

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2.25.18 How To Pray For God's Church

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11.19.17 Exiled for Exiles!

11.12.17 1st Round Draft Pick - Confidence When Facing Hostility

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10.22.17 The Horror of the Cross and Instruction on Prayer

10.15.17 The Lord's Supper - A Meal About The Cross, Coronation and Covenant!

10.8.17 The Cross - The King's Mission for a Dying World!

10.1.17 Confidence in Answered Prayer

9.24.17 The Vindication of the King!

9.17.17 Gospel Generosity!

9.10.17 The Power of Love!

9.3.17 It Starts At Home!

8.27.17 Jesus, The Greater Priest-King!

8.20.17 Live Differently: Confidence When Facing Hostility

8.13.17 The Marks of God's New Creation Community!

8.6.17 The Kingdom of God Amidst the World!

7.30.17 King Jesus - The Fulfillment of God's Saving Plan!

7.23.17 Who Do You Think You Are?

7.16.17 The Fruit of the King's Community!

7.9.17 The King Has Come!

7.2.17 Real Sight!

6.25.17 A Different Kind of Kingdom

6.18.17 Who Or What Do You Treasure Most?

6.11.17 Following The King In Marriage!

6.4.17 The Church - A Window into God's Kingdom! Part II

5.28.17 The Church - A Window into God's Kingdom!

5.21.17 The Book of Jonah: The Missionary God

5.14.17 The Marks of Christian Discipleship: Faith, Prayer and Love!

5.7.17 The Transfiguration: The Mission and Identity of Jesus Unveiled!

4.30.17 Helping Others Stick With Christ!

4.23.17 A Call to Radical Discipleship - Count the Cost!

4.16.17 The Resurrection of Jesus - Power for the Present and Hope for the Future!

4.9.17 Integrating My Faith, My Heart and My Wallet

4.2.17 The Cross: The Launching of God's Cosmic Rescue Mission!

3.26.17 Are You Blind?

3.19.17 Reaching the Rest

3.12.17 Faith, Hope & Love - The Marks of a Follower of Jesus!

3.5.17 The Character of God on Display through the King and His Gospel!

2.26.17 A Surplus of Grace

2.19.17 The human heart is an idol factory and our biggest problem!

2.12.17 Divine Sign Posts

2.5.17 Jesus - The Giver of Rest & Rescue!

1.29.17 A Dangerous Calling!

1.22.17 Gospel Joy!

1.15.17 A Rejected and Enigmatic King!

1.8.17 Have you believed in the King?

1.1.17 The Christian Life is Pretty Simple!

12.25.16 The Gift of Christmas

12.18.16 "Who then is this, that even the wind and sea obey him?"

12.11.16 Don't Miss It!

12.4.16 Guest Pastor Brad McConnaughey

11.27.16 The Proper Response to the King!

11.20.16 God's Restoration Project

11.13.16 Celebrate the King!

11.6.16 The King and His Mission!

10.30.16 Man's Greatest Need

10.23.16 The Unmatched Authority of Jesus!

10.16.16 The King has come!

10.9.16 Sermon: What is the Church - Part 4

10.2.16 Sermon: What is the Church - Part 3

9.25.16 Sermon: What is the Church - Part 2

9.18.16 Sermon: What is the Church - Part 1

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