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1 John: Assurance through Allegiance & Abiding

10.28.18 - 1 John 1:1-4

1 John is written for our joy! It's a reminder that true joy is found in fellowship with God and His people-the church. One enters into this blessed fellowship by trusting in Jesus Christ alone. It's hard to imagine a more important letter for God's church today than 1 John. John seems to be primarily concerned with two things-Gospel truth and Gospel living. He wants his readers to rest in Christ's finished work (2:1-2), and yet he is convinced that those who are in Christ will give external evidence for their faith through their transformed lives (2:3-6). The churches being addressed by John had experienced a split related to doctrine and behavior. It appears that those who left had begun denying fundamental truth claims about Jesus, and were no longer taking sin seriously. We see this in our culture today. In light of this potentially destructive situation, John writes to remind his readers of the true Gospel, the nature and identity of the true King, and what this Gospel will always result in-changed lives! I pray that through this series, MCC would be reminded of the true Gospel, the true King, and the transformative power of this Gospel, and that together we would give evidence of the Gospel's work in our lives! Amen!

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