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Proverbs: Wisdom for Everyday Life

The book of Proverbs is all about wisdom. In fact, the bible is all about wisdom. God wants His people to be wise, and the inclusion of this book is evidence of that great truth. But what is wisdom and where does it begin? The wisdom of Proverbs amounts to more than just making good decisions. It’s about a proper ordering and orientation of one’s life. It begins with a proper view of and disposition toward God—the Creator, Savior and Lord. It starts with the fear of the Lord. This phrase denotes holy awe and reverence directed toward the God of the universe. It denotes the ideas of submission, worship, and relationship. To fear the Lord is to worship Him as God! It is to give our whole heart and allegiance to Him. Proverbs calls us to trust the Lord and then to live out of that trust (faith). That’s wisdom!

2.2.20 Wise Friendships Series 2.2.20 Wise Friendships

I am thankful for friendships in the church that the Lord has blessed me…

1.26.20 Wise Parenting Series 1.26.20 Wise Parenting

Parenting can be difficult! One day we may see it as a privilege, and…

1.19.20 Wise Marriage Series 1.19.20 Wise Marriage

How is your marriage today? Is the gospel on display? Are you and your…

1.12.20 Wise Work Series 1.12.20 Wise Work

How have you typically thought about work? As a necessary evil or as…

12.8.19 The Wise Path Series 12.8.19 The Wise Path

Throughout God's word we are presented with two paths-the wise path and…

12.1.19 Wise Control! Series 12.1.19 Wise Control!

Who's ever blown up at their spouse or kids or a co-worker or a fellow…

11.24.19 Wise Ears! Series 11.24.19 Wise Ears!

What are you listening to these days? Where are you consistently directing…

11.17.19 Wise Words! Series 11.17.19 Wise Words!

Proverbs has a lot to say about our speech. In fact, one of the marks…

11.10.19 Christ in Proverbs! Series 11.10.19 Christ in Proverbs!

The book of Proverbs prepares us for and points us to Christ, by directing…

11.3.19 (Introduction Part 2) Series 11.3.19 (Introduction Part 2)

Like any good prologue, our passage (Proverbs 1:1-7) prepares us for what…

10.27.19 (Introduction Part 1) Series 10.27.19 (Introduction Part 1)

The book of Proverbs is all about wisdom. In fact, the bible is all about…

3.8.20 Putting Praise into Practice!

2.23.20 An Introduction to 1 Peter

2.16.20 Preaching the Whole Bible!

2.9.20 Gospel 101: Reason to Rejoice!

2.2.20 Wise Friendships

1.26.20 Wise Parenting

1.19.20 Wise Marriage

1.12.20 Wise Work

12.29.19 Biblical View of Riches

12.22.19 Sent by the Sent One

12.15.19 6 Words of Wisdom About Your Money

12.8.19 The Wise Path

12.1.19 Wise Control

11.24.19 Wise Ears!

11.17.19 Wise Words!

11.10.19 Christ in Proverbs!

11.3.19 An Introduction to Proverbs - Part II

10.27.19 An Introduction to Proverbs - Part I

10.20.19 Unity for the World's Rescue and the Church's Joy

10.13.19 Imitating the King With Others

10.6.19 Citizens Together of God's Kingdom!

9.29.19 Gospel Partnership!

9.22.19 But God...

9.15.19 A Sound Church Treasures Jesus!

9.8.19 A Sound Church Perseveres!

9.1.19 True Contentment!

8.25.19 Translating Sound Living into the Workplace

8.18.19 A Word Regarding Sound Leadership in the Church

8.11.19 The Church: God's Functional Family

8.4.19 Shepherding Like Jesus!

7.29.19 Praying for the Church!

7.22.19 Sound Training 101!

7.14.19 On Guard!

7.7.19 Storm-ology 201

6.30.19 Who We Are and What We Do is Because of What He's Done!

6.16.19 Sound Leadership

6.9.19 Instructions for God's Church!

6.2.19 Christ is Sufficient for True Contentment!

5.26.19 Praying and Proclaiming According to God's Vision for the Nations!

5.19.19 Wage the Good Warfare!

5.12.19 Paul's Transformation: an Example for All Believers!

5.5.19 The Unexpected Kingdom

4.28.19 God's Revelation is Evidence of His Grace!

4.21.19 The Case for the Resurrection

4.14.19 The Significance of Sound Doctrine!

4.7.19 Church Membership Part II

3.31.19 Church Membership Part I

3.24.19 Gospel Assurance

3.17.19 Gospel Evidence!

3.10.19 The Sovereignty of God

3.3.19 The Power of Prayer

2.24.19 Overcomer!

2.17.19 The Power of Love! Part II

2.3.19 The Power of Love!

1.27.19 Test and Rest!

1.20.19 What's Love Got To Do With It? Part Two of Two

1.13.19 What's Love Got To Do With It? Part One of Two

1.6.19 Who Do You Belong To?

12.30.18 Hope That Results In Holiness!.

12.23.18 The Good News of Christmas!.

12.16.18 Doubt: When Life Seriously Conflicts With Our Faith!

12.9.18 In Light of The Time, Abide!

12.2.18 Who Do You Love?

11.25.18 Blessed Assurance!

11.18.18 A New Commandment!

11.11.18 A Gospel that Transforms!

11.4.18 Walking In The Light!

10.28.18 For the Sake of Our Joy!

10.21.18 We Gather to Go!