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Archived Series

A Story Of Life & Death

In a world where we die a little more every day, Jesus makes all things new. Dare…

Proverbs: Wisdom for Everyday Life

The book of Proverbs is all about wisdom. In fact, the bible is all about wisdom.…

We Are Together: Philippians

A 4-part series on the church. Week 1 (Philippians 1:3-11) – The church partners…

Praying For The Church (Philippians1:9-11)

How often do you pray for the church? Maybe you need help getting started. Let's…

Joy > Happiness (Philippians 4:10-13)

Christ is sufficient for true contentment!

Why The Cross?

I simply cannot imagine a more important question than, “Why the Cross?” Why did…

The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus

There is simply no subject more important than the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus…

1 Timothy: Sound Doctrine + Sound Leadership + Sound Living = A Sound Church

This is a study in Paul's first letter to Timothy.

Church Membership - Part II

The purpose of the church is to glorify God! This happens when believers covenant…

Church Membership - Part I

Identifying the King's People

The Sovereignty of God (Psalm 135:5-7)


Christmas Sermon

Pastor Chris Taylor guides us through the Gospel of Matthew as we study the Christmas…

1 John: Assurance through Allegiance & Abiding

Experience the true joy found in fellowship with God and His people - the Church,…

The Church: Why We Gather

Pastor Chris Taylor kicks off the fall season with a 3-part series on why we gather…

The Psalms: Patterns for Prayer & Pointers to Christ

The Psalms consist of 150 poem-songs and prayers that declare the goodness, faithfulness,…

Ephesians: The Gospel in Everyday Life

This is a sermon series through the book of Ephesians.

Spiritual Disciplines (Psalm 119:9-16)

Spiritual disciplines are practices prescribed in the Word that have knowing Christ…

Christmas Eve Morning Service

Pastor Chris Taylor's Christmas message, presented on Christmas Eve Morning at MCC.

Why We Gather

At MCC we gather for Christ-centered worship, community, and mission. This series…

The Book of Jonah: The Missionary God

The book of Jonah is all about rescue! In fact, like the rest of the Old Testament,…

Resurrection Sunday

Celebrate the Resurrection of Christ with us as we experience it through Paul's letter…

The Cross

This topical sermon by Pastor Chris addresses a key component of the gospel, the…

Supreme: Colossians (1 sermon)

On March 12, Pastor Chris had us share a video sermon he preached at our sending…

Family Celebration Sunday

This is a special quarterly service which incorporates Communion, Baptism, Baby Dedication,…

Christmas Sermon

Pastor Chris Taylor offers a Christmas sermon for our 12/25/16 Christmas service.

Guest Speakers

Throughout the year, we will occasionally be blessed by guest pastors who will preach…

Following The King

Mark's gospel presents us with an in-depth look at the identity and mission of Jesus…

What is the Church?

In the next four weeks we'll be addressing the question, "What is the Church?" We'll…

Preview Sundays

Watch these two videos to experience our first two preview Sundays for this new church!


Everyone’s life is bearing some kind of fruit. Are you content with what you’re producing?…

Losing It

How do we hold it together when it feels like life is unraveling? How do we keep…

Life In 3D

Life can feel pretty flat sometimes. We get by, but it's not really living. We make…


Your life is a story in the making. And no matter how it's unfolded so far, there…


1.12.20 Wise Work

iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/381944333" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen>

12.29.19 Biblical View of Riches

12.22.19 Sent by the Sent One

12.15.19 6 Words of Wisdom About Your Money

12.8.19 The Wise Path

12.1.19 Wise Control

11.24.19 Wise Ears!

11.17.19 Wise Words!

11.10.19 Christ in Proverbs!

11.3.19 An Introduction to Proverbs - Part II

10.27.19 An Introduction to Proverbs - Part I

10.20.19 Unity for the World's Rescue and the Church's Joy

10.13.19 Imitating the King With Others

10.6.19 Citizens Together of God's Kingdom!

9.29.19 Gospel Partnership!

9.22.19 But God...

9.15.19 A Sound Church Treasures Jesus!

9.8.19 A Sound Church Perseveres!

9.1.19 True Contentment!

8.25.19 Translating Sound Living into the Workplace

8.18.19 A Word Regarding Sound Leadership in the Church

8.11.19 The Church: God's Functional Family

8.4.19 Shepherding Like Jesus!

7.29.19 Praying for the Church!

7.22.19 Sound Training 101!

7.14.19 On Guard!

7.7.19 Storm-ology 201

6.30.19 Who We Are and What We Do is Because of What He's Done!

6.16.19 Sound Leadership

6.9.19 Instructions for God's Church!

6.2.19 Christ is Sufficient for True Contentment!

5.26.19 Praying and Proclaiming According to God's Vision for the Nations!

5.19.19 Wage the Good Warfare!

5.12.19 Paul's Transformation: an Example for All Believers!

5.5.19 The Unexpected Kingdom

4.28.19 God's Revelation is Evidence of His Grace!

4.21.19 The Case for the Resurrection

4.14.19 The Significance of Sound Doctrine!

4.7.19 Church Membership Part II

3.31.19 Church Membership Part I

3.24.19 Gospel Assurance

3.17.19 Gospel Evidence!

3.10.19 The Sovereignty of God

3.3.19 The Power of Prayer

2.24.19 Overcomer!

2.17.19 The Power of Love! Part II

2.3.19 The Power of Love!

1.27.19 Test and Rest!

1.20.19 What's Love Got To Do With It? Part Two of Two

1.13.19 What's Love Got To Do With It? Part One of Two

1.6.19 Who Do You Belong To?

12.30.18 Hope That Results In Holiness!.

12.23.18 The Good News of Christmas!.

12.16.18 Doubt: When Life Seriously Conflicts With Our Faith!

12.9.18 In Light of The Time, Abide!

12.2.18 Who Do You Love?

11.25.18 Blessed Assurance!

11.18.18 A New Commandment!

11.11.18 A Gospel that Transforms!

11.4.18 Walking In The Light!

10.28.18 For the Sake of Our Joy!